Tourist centers

Find out in advance whether there are tourist centers in the city where you are traveling and where they are located. In such centers, you can not only enrich yourself with free city maps, brochures with routes, sit in the free Internet, but also consult with employees where you can eat cheaply and tasty, how to get to the desired attraction, where the best bars and much more.

Trip budget

Going on a trip, we always ask ourselves: how much will it cost us? Therefore, be sure to check in advance with the prices of the main costs that may arise during the trip: how much is the average lunch or dinner in a cafe, how much are souvenirs, how much is visiting sights, and how much will have to be spent on transport. After all, for example, the budget for a weekend in Stockholm or London may differ significantly from the budget in Vilnius or Budapest. The site go right here , which contains relevant information about living conditions in a particular city, can help you in this matter . Also on the site nosviatores .com/ you can find useful infographics on the main European cities, which clearly show how much money to take with you on a trip.

National cuisine

In each trip it is always very important to get acquainted with the national cuisine in order to immerse in the surrounding atmosphere and the life of the locals as much as possible. Since the menu is often prepared in the local language (sometimes in English) – on the spot it is very difficult to figure out what to try and what is it made of? Therefore, we recommend you prepare in advance and find out what you should try, which dishes are national and what they are called. It is advisable to find out which restaurant in the city is ready to offer you local cuisine at affordable prices, as usually restaurants with national dishes are designed for tourists and often turn up prices. Explore tripadvisor. Com/ , here thanks to the huge amount of reviews you can find the best option for you with good food and, for example, not far from your hotel.


If you are planning a long trip and you need to stay in touch, then you need to attend to the problem of choosing a SIM card: whether you will pay your operator for roaming (if you still have to pay for calls you can, then the cost of roaming Internet is barbaric! buy a tourist SIM card (for example, Good Line , SimTravel , Globalism and others), or buy a SIM card from a local operator on the spot. Here everyone chooses himself – depending on the proposals at the moment and the country where you are going.

Free attractions

Many museums provide free admission for everyone on a particular day of the week or month, so check with the official sites of those sights and museums that you want to visit in advance. Maybe in the “Free admission” section will be indicated exactly the dates when you will be in this city. Also, do not forget to look for what the city has free attractions, surprisingly, some of them are more than worthy of your attention. For example, you can get to the British Museum in London, which is the second most visited art museum in the world, absolutely free at any time of the year!

Public transport

Learn how public transport works in the city – up to what hour it works, how much is the fare, what types of travel cards are there. Often, when you buy a travel card, you can save a lot, and it will pay off after 2-3 trips. On the site nosviatores. Com. You can find useful infographics for major European cities on how much public transportation costs and how to save money. Also do not forget to explore the question – how to get from the airport to the city center, because it will also allow you to save money. Often the price range is impressive. For example, most of the tourists at the airport of Paris Charles de Gaulle choose the RER train to get to the center. The cost of such a trip is 10 $. But if you look further into the matter, you can find out that Easy bus low-speed buses ply from the airport, which for only $ 2 will take you to the center of Paris. Substantial savings, right?

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