• We restore windows of wood, aluminum or PVC, wood or metal doors
  • We replace the simple glasses of your doors or windows with a thermo (double glass).
  • We graft wood onto the components of your damaged or rotten doors or windows.
  • We replace or install new weather stripping.

Stained glass restoration.

Installation of old stained glass windows inside thermo.

The tinted glass installation is part of the services offered by Rapid Pare-Brisa Confabs. For an intervention at home and at the workplace or workshop, the technique used is the same. The principle is to deposit a Tinting film on the glass. To do this, it is important to ensure the perfect cleanliness of the glazing. The tinted glazing is installed hot (by thermo-application) and with great care to avoid any small bubble of air.

However, we must not forget that this type of glazing is subject to article R316-3 of the Highway Code. It stipulates that a tinted glass must allow at least 70% of the light to pass. In case of non-compliance with this law, you risk a fine of 135 euros and a withdrawal of 3 points on the driving license.

He application of a tinted film on the windows of your vehicle is done in minutes with Rapid Windshield Confabs. Technicians accustomed to this type of work are assigned to you. Delicate operation because it comes to take off the Tinting d film with care and meticulousness. They disassemble the door trim and take off the film carefully. Final cleaning and removal of glue residues are performed. Here you are with windows as originally.

Glazier Experts is more than a glassware company, it is also a company specialized in repairing doors and windows. Not only do we take care of all types of buildings, we also take care of a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities, such as gazebos, solariums, and more. At Vitrified des Experts, we like a job well done. Also, if we have to go back home, it will not be to rectify our work, but rather that of others. For any repair of doors and windows, give us the task because we have the expertise and the manpower you are looking for, as well as the specialized equipment to do it.

With our service of repair of doors and service of repair of windows and mosquito nets, reduce your losses of energy and make savings. A defective door or window that you are late to repair may end up costing you a lot more! Also, when a repair is required, call our efficient and reliable technicians. But the best solution is preventive maintenance, a service that we also offer to all our customers.

Regardless of the type of window repair, whether it is wood, aluminum or PVC Tinting, we are the experts you need for repairs. We handle all types of windows, such as residential, commercial and industrial windows.

Vitrified des Experts takes care of all your mosquito net repair needs. During the summer season, it’s not just the summer that’s in full swing, your mosquito net doors and Tinting too! With Vitrified Experts, avoid the inconvenience caused by mosquitoes and take your mosquito net in hand! Call us and we will take care of your mosquito nets or defective parts in no time.

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