This amazing story takes place in the French Quarter, on one of the streets of New Orleans. Dark-skinned Tiana, who worked as a waitress in a restaurant, chooses a Princess outfit for a masquerade ball. There, she meets Prince Naveen, who Bewitched in the form of a frog by a voodoo magician was nicknamed Doctor Fasilie. Believing In the fact that the girl is a real princess, Naveen asks Tian for a kiss cartoon so that the evil spell is dispelled. But, our main characters did not expect that after Tian’s “magic” kiss cartoon, they would turn into a frog.

This event made it impossible to realize Tyana’s cherished dream – to open her own restaurant in memory of her father who died in the war. Now our “frogs” are forced to wander aimlessly through the swamps in search of opportunities for salvation. They meet many amazing creatures – Louis, the crocodile who loves to play jazz, hopelessly in love with the unattainable night star, Ray’s firefly and many others. Finally, their journey leads to a very kind voodoo witch named Odie. With the help of her snake Juju in a boat suspended on a huge tree upside-down, the witch takes damage. She can help our friends dispel an evil spell. But for this, the main characters must return to New Orleans and get a kiss from Charlotte, Tiana’s girlfriends – during the parade Charlotte was elected a princess.

Tiana and Nun again face the sorcerer Fasilie, who needs to take the blood of Nun and turn his assistant, the former footman Nun, into a prince. Constantly pursuing our heroes witchcraft shadows are destroyed by the firefly Ray, who is killed by the wizard. In order to achieve his goal, Fasilie unsuccessfully tries to win over Tiana to his side, in exchange for her human form. Having received a rejection from the girl, the sorcerer wants to destroy her, but defending herself, Tiana destroys the amulet of the transformations

Fasilie. At that very moment, the evil spirits, the owners of the amulet, appear, and take with them to the abyss Failile to death, leaving behind only a grave stone.

This amazing story ends very happily – young people fall in love with each other and the evil spell is dispelled under the influence of true love. Our heroine’s dream came true – she became the mistress of a large restaurant after her wedding with Prince Naveen. And the brave firefly Ray finally met his star, shining in the night sky.

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