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The difference between a mortgage and a housing loan is that when a USDA homes

Issued, collateral is the collateral property, and at least two guarantors are required to obtain a housing loan. At the same time, the bank does not require the provision of collateral, but imposes certain conditions on the guarantors. The income of at least one of them should not be less than that of the borrower. Also, both guarantors must be officially employed and correspond to the maximum age set by the bank.

From these points follows the most important difference between the two concepts under consideration. When registering a USDA homes and until the full repayment of all debts, the apartment belongs to the bank and in case of non-payment the client can be evicted from it at any time. And under the terms of the housing loan, the purchased real estate immediately passes into the ownership of the borrower and can not be selected for debts.

That is why the conditions of mortgage lending are much more attractive for customers, because the bank, in fact, does not take any chances. Realize an apartment today, and even at a price below the market will not be difficult. But to get the debt back from the borrower or his guarantors will be harder and longer.

Loan amount

The difference between a mortgage and consumer lending is the amount of the maximum loan amount. There are situations when a person will buy a small amount to purchase their own housing. In this situation, it is much easier to formalize a consumer loan than to contact a mortgage. Most banks will insist on a simplified loan procedure, as the costs of forces and time will be much lower than when making a USDA homes

Mortgage loans in general were specifically allocated to a separate category of long-term loans, used specifically for the purchase of housing. That is, they mean that the client does not have own savings, and the bank pays the full cost, and then returns their money in small tranches for many years.

The base interest on mortgages is quite high, as in the long run, money tends to depreciate, so the rate should be sufficient to cover the negative phenomenon of inflation. So, state assistance to the population on USDA homes.

lending is the main factor in the annual growth of the clearance of such transactions.

The greater part of the population always has a question, how is it best to buy an apartment or a house? Common methods of lending can always be an important tool in solving this issue, but in order to really take advantage of the most profitable of them, it is necessary first of all to find out which of them can meet the requirements of the borrower.

Solve the issue of purchasing housing each person prefers independently, therefore, in order to properly determine the most profitable of them, you need to properly understand the mortgage and housing loans to choose the most convenient and correct way.

What are the common features of housing loans and mortgages of Sberbank?

When choosing any of the ways to finance the acquisition of housing, the borrower will have to pay the original amount alone. Also, it is necessary to take into account that the amount of the initial payment will directly depend on the property being purchased and its quality and value.

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Factors such as housing in a new building, or the secondary market have a direct impact on the size of the down payment, and of course, the general characteristics of the property being acquired. The more expensive the purchased property, the larger the initial deposit amount will be requested by the bank. And too old real estate no one will lend. Therefore, before the choice, it is necessary to find exactly the middle that will be the best option for purchasing housing.

An additional common feature is that regardless of the mortgage or the loan, the borrower will have to pay a certain amount of loan and interest each month according to the signed contract.


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