Retouching And Measurements On a Costume Basis

Once the measurements are taken on the body, it is time to put on a control mens suits Toronto. This one will serve as a model, a boss as we say in the jargon. From the shoulders to the ankles through the waist and thighs, every piece of fabric is adjusted to achieve a perfect home-made costume base  In front of the mirror, I stand motionless while the tailor is in perpetual motion to adjust and take the right measures that will be used in the sewing workshop

The choice of the details that make the difference

For the shirt

Bending, round neck, single cuffs rounded corners, watch worn on the left, mother of pearl button visible, punctures of cross buttons, initials on the wrist, without pocket…

For the costume

3 buttons on the sleeve, what style of collar? With or without a pocket? Single or crossed jacket? 2 or 3 buttons? 1 or 2 slots in the back? You have to have a minimum of experience with costumes to be able to make such decisions. Fortunately Naomi is here to explain all the advantages and disadvantages of each option. She also has a fresh and neutral look on us and our style. It can therefore afford to advise us and guide our decisions without ever distorting our basic style and our desires. A real pro!

The choice of fabrics

In his big suitcase Naomi at all planned. She brings with her tissue samples from the larger houses. Not easy to choose like that at first glance, yet just touching the fabrics I know what I want: a soft, supple and lightweight shirt that will last in time. Bingo I go on the fabric…

For the tailor-made mens suits Toronto

This time I want a costume that changes a little, something pleasant to wear especially in autumn-winter. Why not go on a flannel mens suits Toronto. I see it regularly on TV, especially worn by Laurent Delahousse (the presenter) and formerly on the late Jean d’Ormesson. I find this material so classy, ​​noble and elegant that I do not waste time finding anything else. For me it will be a navy flannel mens suits Toronto or nothing!

What I’m not used to is the choice of the lining of the jacket but also the fabric that covers the reverse of it. Its customization pushed to the extreme and I like it! Assembling all these details of personalization and style is a real treasure hunt after which everyone finds his Grail to know a costume perfectly in his image and therefore totally unique.

Second appointment 1 month later with Goussette

Still at home, we have a meeting with Naomi to make a first fitting. Neither one nor two I speedily put on my new tailored shirt and my flannel mens suits Toronto that made me dream. The result is top, perfect. I am as comfortable in the shirt as in the jacket while being elegant. Side pants, I’m maybe a little tight at the waist. No problem Goussette takes care of the alterations until everything is perfect. The same evening I had my pants retouched delivered to my hotel.

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