In the present conditions, evaluation is very relevant and necessary for any operation with property. The valuation is carried out for the conclusion of transactions for purchase and sale, obtaining loans (including mortgage loans and against mortgaged property), for leasing, privatization, transfer of property (donative, inheritance), property disputes, etc. Our company performs an independent evaluation of the following types of property:


The more accurate the valuation of assets before trading – the easier it is to sell and satisfy the demands of creditors. Our partners are qualified appraisers, they will evaluate the property and thus help you:

More to earn at the auction;

To realize property at a bargain price;

To avoid conflicts among the participants in the bankruptcy process because of disagreement with the assessment.

        Our partners are appraisers:

2.       Consist in the sectorial SRO and comply with all the requirements of the legislation;

3.       If necessary, go to the sites for their inspection and in-depth evaluation;

4.       Are capable of performing a comprehensive assessment of heterogeneous property;

5.       Assess the property at its liquidation or market value depending on your sales strategy;

6.       Take into account the assessment standards established at the federal level (FSO-1, etc.);

7.       After the evaluation, you are sent a detailed report for submission to creditors and publication in the EDFB.

We are working with appraisers with experience of 3 years, who specialize in real estate, movable property, valuation of business (including intangible assets and private property). And passed qualification exams for the right to work in all these areas.

Their professionalism is the main reason why more than 700 arbitration managers cooperate with us, for which we fulfilled more than 3,000 assessments. So if you need a high-quality and fast assessment or preliminary consultation – we will be happy to help and answer all your questions.

Organizations differ in the policy of goals and objectives. Someone at the moment needs to increase the level of investment attractiveness, and someone sees the goal in increasing investment in innovation and production development. But, one way or another, legal optimization of taxation costs allows you to maintain a balance between assets and liabilities in a dynamic internal and external environment. The valuation of the property of an enterprise is one of the most important tools for managing and optimizing taxes.

The value of enterprise property valuation is of great importance for the future client and employee of the enterprise, it allows you to determine the most appropriate value for the sale price, exchange, or other method of valuation of the transaction object.

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An important role is played by the appraisal of an enterprise’s property for a creditor, since it can be the basis for making a rational decision on granting a loan to an organization, giving a correct idea of ​​what the company’s capital and what movable and immovable property is on the balance sheet.

In addition, IPR helps tenants to determine an acceptable rental value, taking into account the market payment for the objects of delivery.

To assess the property of the enterprise, there are several approaches that differ from each other in their own methods.

There are the following basic methods for assessing the property of an organization:

Profitable procedure for assessing property.

Market (comparative).

Spending (property).

The first method is based on the basic calculation of profits and is ideal for situations where the growth rate of income will constantly increase by the same amount over a long period of time.

The formula for profit is calculated as follows:

Estimated cost = Value of income / Rate of capitalization.

This method will be useful for determining the amount of income required by the enterprise, as well as for calculating the capitalization rate.

The method will be ineffective in the following cases:

The rate of profit growth is unstable.

The property is in an inadequate state (the process of creating an object has not been completed, or it requires urgent reconstruction).


There is no necessary information about the object, which is needed to calculate the profit and rate.

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