Grandpa Will Be Your Party! – Personalised Coffee Cups As Gift

The Sunday 1 st October , it’s party grandfathers! And to thank him for all the good times spent playing, sharing, fighting and discovering, give him a 100% personalized gift to wish him his birthday! To help you, we have concocted a small mix of 100% personalized gifts, which will be appreciated!

Because it is with him that we make the most interesting experiences, from hunting insects to the discovery of the stars, it is with him that we spend the best moments of games, thanks to his creativity without flaw, especially when it comes to doing silly things … And it is also for him that we like to cook, because even if he will never admit it, we know that papi is a very big greedy!

The big picture book of the family

Put on your Sherlock Homes outfit and go looking for the best family photos in your archive! Pictures of his youth, his children and all his grandchildren, all who count for him! Select the prettiest , scan the oldest, and let your creativity speak on our modern landscape photo book ! D-day, do not forget the handkerchiefs, because if your grandpa is hard, you know that deep down, are small heart is fondant  (chocolate)  !

The genealogical chart

Your grandfather loves to tell you stories, real or romantic, of his childhood? The time he hid frogs in his binder to make a joke to the mistress, the time he jumped from the roof of the school with an umbrella, to be able too, to parachute … To satisfy his side historian, recreate the family tree with a random photo board  ! A beautiful painting with all the members of the family to exhibit in the living room: like that, no jealous!

The mug at the Picasso

Your grandpa is a great art lover, and the paintings that adorn the walls of his living room have always impressed you (and even a little scared …) . Enjoy his artist side and offer him a personalized photo Personalised Coffee Cups , with the most beautiful work of art of your little one! Choose with him his most beautiful drawing, scan it and arrange it on the mug of your choice. And who knows? Maybe one day this Personalised Coffee Cups  will find itself too, exposed to the sight of all!

The magnets for gourmands

We know that Papi is very greedy and that the kitchen is his second favorite place after the garden! So why not give her a little box with printed magnets of your most beautiful memories spent together? Exposed on his fridge, his little grandchildren will accompany him throughout the day!

Photo object: zoom on the mug to customize online

What if your coffee, tea or hot chocolate was served in a custom mug? In addition to enjoying the primary function of the cup, you enjoy your favorite photos everyday. Is not it a nice way to start the day? Zoom on this small object that (re) gives the smile!

The personalized mug, what is it?

The term Personalised Coffee Cups  means “big cup” or “high cup” in English. So it’s not just a little coffee cup, but more. And for good reason, the mug accompanies you every day of the year , during difficult mornings, gourmet afternoons at tea time, cold winter sundays spent under the duvet …

In the majority of cases, the Personalised Coffee Cups  is acquired “ready made”, that is to say that you just have to use it! As for him, the mug to personalize is a big blank mug, devoid of motives. What’s great in this case is that YOU customize it to your liking with your favorite photos, quotes, phrases … whatever you like!

Why create a custom mug?

Creating a custom mug is:

Make an original and fun gift at the same time.

It is indeed THE gift that makes pleasure every time. Choose photos that will speak to your loved ones, so that a small part of you accompany them throughout the day!

Start the day well, in a good mood.

What could be better than drinking coffee in the morning with the people we care about? Although they are n

your decoration: the mug flower pot, you know?

Customized mugs do not fulfill just one function. You could very well decide to make some colored Personalised Coffee Cups  with quotes for example, and fill them with small succulents that do not need to be watered every day.

Customize your dishes: “I did it! “.

Other than the desire to offer a gift to a loved one or to reinvent its interior design, creating a personalized mug will make you proud. In the era of DIY, or “Do It Yourself”, it is very trendy to create your own decorative elements, as much as the furniture and accessories of the house.

So, are you up for making your first Personalised Coffee Cups  to personalize  ?

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