I have always loved to draw. It seemed to me a real miracle: using pencils or paints to embody pictures from your imagination: magic castles, fairy-tale creatures, alien landscapes … Drawing is an opportunity to create your own universe.

Unfortunately, this is not available to me. It is difficult to say what it is: the consequences of astigmatism, lack of propensity, congenital curvature. But even a request to draw a kitten or a flower turned into a most difficult task for me. At some point, I put up with the inability to create paintings myself. Embroidery on schemes, work with beads and other applied entertainment came to the rescue. But drawing remained a cherished dream.

Dreams come true

It turned out that I was not the only one, and the way out was found long ago: drawing by numbers. In fact, this is just a big coloring for adults. Manufacturers take a big beautiful picture, break it into small fragments, each of which needs to be painted over with a certain color. The colors, by the way, are marked on the same fragments with numbers (therefore, “paint by number tips”).

With this set, you simply color fragment by fragment, resulting in a finished picture. You can hang it on the wall in the bedroom or living room and every day be happy that you can draw (even by numbers).

Drawing sets by numbers

Pictures by numbers are sold in ready-to-use kits. Different manufacturers offer their equipment, but in most cases it includes:

Large cardboard box. Protects the kit from external damage. The box is large and flat, a great stand for a laptop.

Cloth on a stretcher. In most cases, you will need to paint on this canvas, as real great artists. Oh, very nice. The canvas is tightly stretched on the frame, which greatly simplifies the process of drawing.

Paints. Most often it is acrylic paint. They are bright, saturated, they can be diluted with water, they fit well on the canvas, and after drying they do not smear and do not fade. If necessary, they are well overlapped. The numbers and contours are also not visible. In most cases, the paint will not need to be mixed; there will be exactly as many of them in the set as there will be colors in the drawing. There are kits with watercolors, but they require more skill, since it is necessary to apply paint in layers.

Brushes. The set will be several brushes: thin, slightly thicker and wide.

Sheet with the scheme of the picture. If you accidentally smear the color number of a fragment, you can refine it in this diagram.

Set for drawing pictures: scheme

Suspensions. They can be screwed into the sub frame, pull the rope and not worry about buying a frame. But this is an amateur.

That’s all. The kit contains everything you need to start drawing immediately after purchasing the kit. The question is how to do it.

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