Painting at the number: What is it?

An anti-stress for sure, like coloring or diamond embroidery. Simple to become an artist with our complete kits.

  • You receive a numbered linen canvas and not a cardboard plate.
  • A set of small pots of oil paint, not harmful for humans as for the environment, with the primary colors and all their nuances necessary. 20% more paint is planned for the unexpected.
  • 3 brushes of different sizes to use depending on the surface to be painted.


Unroll your canvas, and follow the instructions. Each number corresponds to color or shade that you will find easily in small paint pots also numbered. No need to mix, at the risk of not finding the right mix, everything is ready for use.

3 brushes are provided to allow you to manage larger or smaller surfaces and more delicate features.

An image of the final result is provided to you and little by little of the progress of your work, you will see appear your table.


  • Do you think you have overflowed a bit? No stress, let your work dry and take back your colors with a finer brush. An artist never finished his painting in one day!
  • If you can tap your canvas by the corners on a thin board or thick cardboard, your canvas will be more stable.
  • Painting flat disturbs you, tape your canvas on a board and use an easel, depending on your relaxation area more or less illuminated it can change everything for your comfort and perception of the progress of your table. We sell Big size PBN kits with chassis, practical for easels, but remains expensive. Personally, I prefer to buy a virgin canvas that can be found easily and I stitch or staple my numbered canvas, it serves me as a support and I can then hang on the wall directly. If you are a handyman, you can also easily make your chassis.
  • Have a pot with water and cloth at hand to clean your brushes between color changes.
  • Rinse your brushes well with warm water between uses and wipe well.

First of all keep in mind that each work remains unique, otherwise you will become a forger! And above all, be patient.

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