In the Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare writes: “All that glitters is not gold, it has often been said to you”. As for jewelry, we could not say better! Even though gold remains the metal most used in jewelry making, there are many other possibilities: brass, copper, palladium, platinum, silver, stainless steel, titanium and silver. Tungsten. This somewhat complicates the purchase of jewelry; in the pages that follow, we present the three metals most popular in jewelry: gold, silver and platinum.

Jewelers are often asked what an “ounce of troy” is. Traditionally, gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals are weighed, sold and purchased in troy ounces. The troy ounce weighs 31.10 grams, and its weight is about 10% higher than that of a “normal” ounce. Today, metric units are also used to weigh precious metals, but there is no indication that the metric system will replace the troy ounce in the near future. As one Englishman said to me, “we are moving to the metric system, but inch by inch.”


Gold is the 79th element of the Periodic Table of the Elements; it has for symbol Au, for aurum, gold in Latin. As for the word “gold”, it comes from the same Latin word. As a rare metal of great economic value, gold has long been regarded as the most valuable metal.

Check: price of gold per gram UK

According to some sources, gold was discovered around 3000 BC; but it is not excluded that the first gold nuggets were extracted from the Transylvanian Alps as early as 6000 BC! In the meantime, more than any other metal, it has become the symbol of wealth and social status. For thousands of years, all over the world, gold is a means of payment, a commodity and an investment – and it is also appreciated for its beauty! Offered as a present, used during religious ceremonies, gold helped build civilizations and inspired the birth of many myths. While its rich luster and unique texture give it an undisputed place in jewelry making, its economic value not only guarantees it a role as a strong global currency.

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Extracted from ores like silver, silver has a history of more than 5,000 years. It is an affordable material that enjoys great popularity for jewelry making, and is found in almost every civilization. In addition, the silver is used in the manufacture of art objects such as silver cutlery (this will not surprise anyone) and silver dishes (bowls, carafes, teapots and trays). The chemical symbol of silver is Ag, abbreviation of the Latin word argentum, which also gave the word “money”.

Relatively malleable, silver is softer than gold and platinum. Just like gold, silver is normally alloyed with other metals such as copper, which gives it greater strength. As for platinum, the purity grades of silver are shown in units of 1000. Sterling silver or 925 is pure at 92.5%, and it is a standard material for quality jewelry made with this metal. For 1000 units, sterling silver has 75 parts (7.5%) alloy. Another very common type is Britannia silver or 958, 95.8% pure.


Gold is probably the most noble metal, but did you know that platinum (Pt) is sixty times rarer? It is also purer, stronger and denser than gold. By its nature, white platinum lends itself perfectly to jewelry making, because of its strength. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic, which means it causes fewer allergic reactions. It was discovered in 1735 by Julius Scaliger, and it takes its name from the Spanish word platinum, which means “little money”. Although it was “officially” discovered in the 18th century, it nevertheless appeared earlier in history, even though it has not always been recognized as a metal with its own identity. His Spanish name probably comes from the fact that the Conquistadors, when they see platinum,

While it’s tempting to think of platinum as a relatively new metal in jewelry making, it’s not quite right. In France, already at the time of the Sun King, platinum enjoyed great popularity, and Louis XIV went so far as to declare that he was the only metal worthy of a king. From the early 20th century until 1940, platinum was the favorite noble metal of the jewelry industry in the United States. During the Second World War, it acquired a strategic importance and since then has never reclaimed its past popularity.

The purity of platinum is expressed in parts of 1000. The most frequent degrees of purity are platinum 950 (95% pure), 900 (90% pure) and 850 (85% pure).

How to recognize the platinum symbol:

Platinum has many symbols or pots that express its purity.  The symbol of the emperor penguin represents platinum 999 ‰, it is the purest platinum you can find, it is also quite recent. You will also find 3 platinum symbols with a dog’s head. Depending on the number to the right of the head, you will have information on the purity of the metal. 1 = 950 ‰; 2 = 900 ‰; 3 = 850 ‰ but it is also possible that there is no number, nevertheless this symbol guarantees a purity level of 850 ‰ minimum! it is also the most common today among jewelers. The last symbol of platinum is the mascaron head which guarantees a platinum purity rate of 850 ‰ for second-hand jewelry of unknown origin.

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The difference between a mortgage and a housing loan is that when a USDA homes

Issued, collateral is the collateral property, and at least two guarantors are required to obtain a housing loan. At the same time, the bank does not require the provision of collateral, but imposes certain conditions on the guarantors. The income of at least one of them should not be less than that of the borrower. Also, both guarantors must be officially employed and correspond to the maximum age set by the bank.

From these points follows the most important difference between the two concepts under consideration. When registering a USDA homes and until the full repayment of all debts, the apartment belongs to the bank and in case of non-payment the client can be evicted from it at any time. And under the terms of the housing loan, the purchased real estate immediately passes into the ownership of the borrower and can not be selected for debts.

That is why the conditions of mortgage lending are much more attractive for customers, because the bank, in fact, does not take any chances. Realize an apartment today, and even at a price below the market will not be difficult. But to get the debt back from the borrower or his guarantors will be harder and longer.

Loan amount

The difference between a mortgage and consumer lending is the amount of the maximum loan amount. There are situations when a person will buy a small amount to purchase their own housing. In this situation, it is much easier to formalize a consumer loan than to contact a mortgage. Most banks will insist on a simplified loan procedure, as the costs of forces and time will be much lower than when making a USDA homes

Mortgage loans in general were specifically allocated to a separate category of long-term loans, used specifically for the purchase of housing. That is, they mean that the client does not have own savings, and the bank pays the full cost, and then returns their money in small tranches for many years.

The base interest on mortgages is quite high, as in the long run, money tends to depreciate, so the rate should be sufficient to cover the negative phenomenon of inflation. So, state assistance to the population on USDA homes.

lending is the main factor in the annual growth of the clearance of such transactions.

The greater part of the population always has a question, how is it best to buy an apartment or a house? Common methods of lending can always be an important tool in solving this issue, but in order to really take advantage of the most profitable of them, it is necessary first of all to find out which of them can meet the requirements of the borrower.

Solve the issue of purchasing housing each person prefers independently, therefore, in order to properly determine the most profitable of them, you need to properly understand the mortgage and housing loans to choose the most convenient and correct way.

What are the common features of housing loans and mortgages of Sberbank?

When choosing any of the ways to finance the acquisition of housing, the borrower will have to pay the original amount alone. Also, it is necessary to take into account that the amount of the initial payment will directly depend on the property being purchased and its quality and value.

Read more-USDA homes

Factors such as housing in a new building, or the secondary market have a direct impact on the size of the down payment, and of course, the general characteristics of the property being acquired. The more expensive the purchased property, the larger the initial deposit amount will be requested by the bank. And too old real estate no one will lend. Therefore, before the choice, it is necessary to find exactly the middle that will be the best option for purchasing housing.

An additional common feature is that regardless of the mortgage or the loan, the borrower will have to pay a certain amount of loan and interest each month according to the signed contract.


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Illiard tournaments are a great way to get a little more business if you own a bar. Organize it for a slow night and you could increase your bar recipes dramatically. Of course, you do not have to own a bar to organize a billiard tables tournament. All you need is access to a pool table, volunteer participants and, most importantly, clarifying the rules before you start playing.

Find a place. If you already have a bar with a pool table, the problem is solved. If not, talk to your local billiard room. It is likely that they will welcome the additional activity.

Several weeks in advance, place posters around the chosen location to announce the fact that you are organizing a billiard tournament. Try to organize it for a night of a week. People are less likely to have made plans during the week.

Decide on the amount of the entrance fee and the time you want the night to begin. The registration fee will determine the amount of a prize pot you can offer. Do not start the night too late. billiard tables  are used to hanging out, especially if a lot of people show up.

Design a game schedule based on your best estimate of the number of people likely to show up. This can always be changed at night. The standard approach is to pair players who then run to reach a number of games against their opponent in order to progress to the next turn. A three-game race is a good scorer if you are waiting between 10 and 16 people.

Note who paid his entrance fee the same evening. This will save all the arguments later. It may be worth investing in a stamp if you are organizing the tournament in a billiard tables , as there will be many other players.

Clarify the rules you play with the players before the tournament begins. Make sure all players respect the rules from the beginning.

Decide what prices you will give to the winners. It depends entirely on the number of people who show up and the registration fees. A good scorer is to give the top 25 percent of players’ prize money. Thus, if eight players are present, the winners of the 1st and 2nd place receive prizes. If 12 players present themselves, the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place receive a prize, and so o

A small billiard tables you tempted? To be able to play billiards properly, one must start by learning to organize the ball rack in a proper way. In addition, taking the initiative to organize the balls will allow you to feel more confident from the beginning of the game. Although this is relatively simple, you still need to know a few tips. Read on for more information on how to organize the package at the beginning of a pool game.

he pool table is a difficult element to choose from if you want to get started in this sport. There are all the brands and all the qualities. Here are some tips that will help you recognize a good quality billiard tables and not be fooled..

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MORTGAGE (from the Greek hypothèke – pledge, mortgage) – pledge of real estate, mainly lands and various structures, with the purpose of obtaining a mortgage loan. Mortgage is a type of collateral, in which the pledged property is not transferred to the lender, but remains with the debtor. Under the mortgage also understand the mortgage and mortgage debt. Mortgage is  types of home loans  established to secure obligations under loan agreements, loan agreements, and other contracts related to the purchase, sale, lease, contract and other relationships.

Types of mortgages

There are different types of mortgage loans. Here are some of them:

  • credit for real estate
  • Mortgage to the house
  • Mortgage for housing
  • Mortgage to a country types of home loans
  • Mortgage to the apartment
  • Mortgage to an apartment in a new building
  • Mortgage per room
  • Mortgage to the cottage
  • Mortgage to new buildings
  • Mortgage for the purchase of an apartment in a new building
  • Credit for the purchase of housing
  • Credit for the purchase of an apartment

Mortgage loans on security

Most mortgage brokers provide mortgages or mortgages against collateral for various property or property:

  1. types of home loans
  2. loan secured by property
  3. loan secured by an apartment
  4. loan secured by a cottage
  5. credit for real estate

In the life of every person there are situations with which he is unable to cope on his own. One of these is the process of buying your own home. For an ordinary young specialist or an office worker it seems almost impossible to save up the right amount. In this case, the mortgage loan comes to the rescue. The type of mortgage loan depends on different conditions. Currently in Russia there are various types of mortgage lending.

In Russian everyday life, the term “mortgage” is usually used to designate an affordable solution to housing problems. However, by definition this loan is not only for the purchase of housing, but also for the acquisition of any real estate. An important plus of acquiring real estate with a mortgage is that it becomes the property of the borrower immediately after the purchase.


Now the bank issues several types of mortgages: mortgages in the secondary market, mortgages for participation in equity construction, mortgage to a young family, a loan for improving housing conditions.

Each loan has a number of features and is issued on certain terms. Rates for various types of mortgage lending in Russia are also different.

Features of a mortgage in the se

Solving the problem of providing your own housing is paramount for many people, and getting a mortgage loan is one of the available ways that enable you to do it as soon as possible. The first step that many of us are undertaking is either to seek advice from the bank or to independently study the information on their websites. The development of this type of banking services on the one hand significantly expanded the opportunities for choice, on the other hand it made it difficult for the borrower to take a decision on the type of mortgage that he wants to use. Quite often there are cases when the person who applied for information about the conditions of lending has no clear idea of ​​what program is interesting to him and what is their fundamental difference between them.

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?  – What is Search Engine Optimization?    

Lionel Suffer is in charge of the online loan insurance web strategy . If you are used to this blog and social networks, you’ve probably heard about it. How? Thanks to Blog Storming , a concept that has allowed this brand to become known and develop its reputation. The bet was not won in advance: make a topic popular, the insurance of real estate loan, which is neither captivating nor general public.

What you do not necessarily know Top SEO Houston is that Online Loan Insurance does not have a single blog, but two! While in France some entrepreneurs are still timorous at the idea of ​​developing a blog (mastodons like Disneyland Paris have even abandoned theirs), Lionel Suffer, he is not cold, his bold strategy has to elsewhere quickly paid off.

Why two blogs?

What is the difference between both ? Is there a more profitable blog than the other? Is this strategy effective? I ( Denis Gentile ) am the editor of the first blog and Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel asked me to ask these questions to this visionary project manager.

The two blogs correspond to two strategies (SMO and Top SEO Houston) and completely different editorial lines. The first blog aims at an audience coming from the social networks, the second is a flow of news in the field of real estate. It is much more technical and targets an audience coming from Google Search. Clearly, one is the heart, the other the brain of the site.

With good results but on different criteria.

The blog on the news is outsourced to Madagascar, while the blog itself is entrusted to a web editor in France, so it costs more. Which one is the most profitable? In between which strategy would you recommend? It’s hard to talk about profitability on a blog. A blog, like a presence on social networks, aims to build a brand image, and possibly help SEO. It does not yield anything directly, but it is nevertheless an essential element of a necessary presence on the internet. Your blog was certainly the key to a quick start to the site that was awarded a page rank 3 after the first Blog Storming and after a month while the actions of Top SEO Houston were still reduced. If you had to confront the two blogs, I would say that for the first 6 months, your Denis blog was the most effective and the most profitable. Beyond that, I think the data is reversing and the news flow has taken over. Clearly, initially, the first blog allowed to “rake broad”, then the news blog, much more technical, was more effective to assert the site as an expert in his field.

They are complementary. Who takes care of this other blog?

It is a company of 80 people who work in Madagascar in the field of Top SEO Houston and Web writing. Their mission is to do thematic watch and feed it.

Lionel, you have to specify one thing and that’s the big manufacturing difference between the two blogs. On the one hand, a company that 80 people could publish 250 articles in one year, on the other a single blogger who published 70 articles. That’s three and a half times more content! Soft box advantage! But if we do the average, we notice that an article in the SMO blog makes an audience three times higher than the SEO blog. As you said, in terms of sharing networks and comments, there is no picture. Advantage Denis Gentile! The credit goes especially to Blog Storming, do you remember how was born this idea? It was you who introduced me to this concept during the study phase of the editorial line. I was immediately conquered. It was not easy to find topics and content for social networks for something as serious as loan insurance. You explain this with humor in this article: From Brainstorming to Blog storming, let’s take off!

Read more-  Top SEO Houston

The Blog Storming has helped to publicize the site on social networks, especially by professionals and forge a modern image. At each Blog Storming sharing records have also contributed to the Top SEO Houston of the site.

During our first discussions, you asked me if I had an idea to organize debates on the blog and you gave me the example of the TV show “C’est dans l’air”. We just had to find a way to adapt it to this new medium.

The transition is all found to conclude this article. Two blogs is it a good idea to develop your web strategy? You would rather bet on what strategy: SMO or SEO? And to create the content, you find more interesting to take a company in Madagascar or a freelance in the hexagon? The debate is launched on the blog of 1min30. To your comments.

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Credit for participants of military operations Last updated July 2018 Sberbank of Russia offers preferential loans to participants of military operations under the state federal program. Persons who have a military certificate are available loans with an annual interest rate of 13.5%. Sberbank does not provide any other special benefits.

Credit programs of the Savings Bank for veterans

The amount of va home loans is determined by the bank’s credit commission. The maximum amount is 1 million rubles. Members of the credit commission analyze the sources of income, housing conditions and other criteria of the client’s solvency. Military loans are issued for a period of not more than five years. The annual interest rate on the secured loan is 13.5%, the unsecured loan – 14.5%. The annual interest rate for all loans of Sberbank without exception is determined by the Central Bank’s key rate. Privileged loans for combatants available for various purposes. Borrowers wishing to issue a loan in the amount exceeding 500 thousand rubles should find a suitable guarantor in advance or present an equivalent collateral. Military, who retired earlier than the established time and continue to work Sberbank lowers the interest rate on loans.

Distinctive features of the credit program for servicemen to receive the first installment of a mortgage, Sberbank offers a loan to servicemen up to 500 thousand rubles. This money can be used for other purposes. Due to some changes for today, preferential va home loans of military operations are not available. Borrowers of these categories can choose another option for lending under general conditions. General crediting parameters going to the bank for a loan, you should ask in advance the main parameters and the proposed terms for existing credit programs. VA home loans of hostilities need to know in advance the list of documents needed to obtain a loan from Sberbank. The standard package of documents includes: Passport; A certificate confirming the solvency; Military ID.

Today, Sberbank offers several types of loan programs, which differ in the way they provide: With a guarantee. The borrower can bring two solvent guarantors. The size of the loan in this case will increase several times. Standard. Some customers cannot provide a loan. The bank provides them with a loan of no more than 1.5 million rubles, but only if the client’s income level allows repaying the debt for 5 years. With collateral. The collateral for the loan is movable and immovable property of the client. The bank provides a loan to the borrower for a period of 20 years. At the same time, the loan amount is unlimited, and the package of documents is minimal.

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Another form of this eating routine, simpler to take after and adjusted from the abundances of the first form has been distributed: The new Atkins Eating regimen (Dr. E Westman, S Phinney and J Volek) .The Atkins slim down How it functions ?

Dr. Robert Atkins began from three perceptions :

– Checking calories, diminishing fat does not get thinner. We should discover another approach to get in shape.

– For two centuries, specialists have wiped out dull sustenances to influence their patients to get in shape adequately and they were most likely right.

– the larger part of overweight individuals have issues with sugar absorption, a family history of diabetes or pre-diabetics. Dispensing with starches would check this metabolic irregularity.

In 1972, to separate himself from alternate weight control plans low in sugars, not sufficiently compelling as indicated by him, he builds up a program in view of the disposal by the pee and the breath of ketones Rapid Tone Diet carbon mixes delivered by the inadequate burning of fats. . ” For a Mr Fat narrow minded to starches, the nearness of ketones in the pee is an indication of cheering,Rapid Tone Diet It’s an indication that undesirable fat is being scorched, so the body is getting more fit . ”

As indicated by Dr. Atkins starting proposals, a man following the eating regimen must complete an every day pee test to quantify ketone levels, watch that it is as yet getting more fit and along these lines measure its limit of resilience to starches amid the reintroduction period of sugars Rapid Tone Diet Be that as it may, to take out ketones, we should first begin by expelling every one of the starches from the eating regimen so it is put away fat that fills in as a fuel to the body and no longer the sugars ingested.

In light of a solid lessening of starches, this eating regimen was especially compelling yet endured so far an awful notoriety among specialists who reprimanded him for being:

  • – excessively prohibitive so troublesome, making it impossible to follow in the long haul;
  • – unequal: eggs, bacon, spread, red meat … an excessive amount of fat, insufficient products of the soil;
  • – to be joined by troublesome reactions (at first weariness, headaches
  • The slimmer chewers

Do you question that supported biting can impact your figure? To be clear, a group of Japanese scientists took after young ladies matured 18 to 22 years that they met correctly to realize what they ate. In parallel researchers have estimated their waistline. Rapid Tone Diet Results: the individuals who favored hard and firm nourishments, and who in this manner needed to bite more than their schoolmates, had a more slender abdomen than the others, despite the fact that they devoured the same number of calories!

In 2011, three college therapeutic teachers, Dr. Eric Westman, Stephen Phinney, and Jeff Volek build up another rendition of the Atkins Eating routine that echoes the most recent reasoning on eating regimen and sustenance and presents changes huge, making the program less demanding to take after and more flexible.Read the meeting with Dr. Eric Westman .

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of those web clients who have thought of beginning an online business however dropped the thought on account of the gigantic speculation? In the event that yes then you are on the ideal place as in this article we will survey a program that cases to control individuals how they can begin their own online business without making any enormous venture on the stock. We trust that beginning an online business isn’t troublesome on the off chance that you have the correct direction. To get the best possible direction you are required to have a program on your side from which you can take help. In any case, it is hard to discover a program that is extremely successful in furnishing you with the best possible direction as there are a great many projects accessible in the market that cases to be the best from the rest. In any case, this isn’t the situation as there are only couple of projects that are genuine and gives clients the outcomes they are searching for.

To help clients in getting the best program for themselves we think of these surveys that causes them to recognize what particular program contains and whether it can be useful or not. Today we have a program to audit that claims that it can assist the clients with earning 7 figures without making any venture. We trust that it is troublesome for any program to claim such outcomes however the photo will be all the more clear when we comprehend what this program contains and what it brings to the table to the clients. We should discover what where buy print Profits Benefits program is about.

WHAT IS PRINT Benefits About?

Print Benefits is fundamentally a web based business course outlined by Michael Shih and this training course manages the print on demand trade. The thought is by all accounts novel as it can take away no less than 50 percent of the necessity to get into the universe of web based business. With print on demand you don’t need to stress over the stock and stock. However, we trust that the greater part of you may be confused about the term print on demand.

Print on demand is essentially another pattern that is right now clearing the online business scene. For this situation, the customer picks the print that he/she needs to have on his/her Shirt and you should simply to where buy print Profits that outline on the Shirt. That implies that you don’t need to outline the where buy print Profits and it will be the client will’s identity doing all the diligent work. You will simply be receiving the rewards and the benefit. Another advantage of beginning business of this specialty is that everything will be custom and you won’t need to contend with different organizations. You won’t lose to your competition and you won’t not need to think of something extraordinary to remain ahead in the competition. Be that as it may, you need activity on your online business store and this program will likewise help you in expanding the movement on your store. Fundamentally Print Benefits is a stage to step direct about how you can begin your print on demand Web based business.

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Once the measurements are taken on the body, it is time to put on a control mens suits Toronto. This one will serve as a model, a boss as we say in the jargon. From the shoulders to the ankles through the waist and thighs, every piece of fabric is adjusted to achieve a perfect home-made costume base  In front of the mirror, I stand motionless while the tailor is in perpetual motion to adjust and take the right measures that will be used in the sewing workshop

The choice of the details that make the difference

For the shirt

Bending, round neck, single cuffs rounded corners, watch worn on the left, mother of pearl button visible, punctures of cross buttons, initials on the wrist, without pocket…

For the costume

3 buttons on the sleeve, what style of collar? With or without a pocket? Single or crossed jacket? 2 or 3 buttons? 1 or 2 slots in the back? You have to have a minimum of experience with costumes to be able to make such decisions. Fortunately Naomi is here to explain all the advantages and disadvantages of each option. She also has a fresh and neutral look on us and our style. It can therefore afford to advise us and guide our decisions without ever distorting our basic style and our desires. A real pro!

The choice of fabrics

In his big suitcase Naomi at all planned. She brings with her tissue samples from the larger houses. Not easy to choose like that at first glance, yet just touching the fabrics I know what I want: a soft, supple and lightweight shirt that will last in time. Bingo I go on the fabric…

For the tailor-made mens suits Toronto

This time I want a costume that changes a little, something pleasant to wear especially in autumn-winter. Why not go on a flannel mens suits Toronto. I see it regularly on TV, especially worn by Laurent Delahousse (the presenter) and formerly on the late Jean d’Ormesson. I find this material so classy, ​​noble and elegant that I do not waste time finding anything else. For me it will be a navy flannel mens suits Toronto or nothing!

What I’m not used to is the choice of the lining of the jacket but also the fabric that covers the reverse of it. Its customization pushed to the extreme and I like it! Assembling all these details of personalization and style is a real treasure hunt after which everyone finds his Grail to know a costume perfectly in his image and therefore totally unique.

Second appointment 1 month later with Goussette

Still at home, we have a meeting with Naomi to make a first fitting. Neither one nor two I speedily put on my new tailored shirt and my flannel mens suits Toronto that made me dream. The result is top, perfect. I am as comfortable in the shirt as in the jacket while being elegant. Side pants, I’m maybe a little tight at the waist. No problem Goussette takes care of the alterations until everything is perfect. The same evening I had my pants retouched delivered to my hotel.

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If you qualify, a loan secured by the Federal Housing Administration may offer more favorable terms for you than a commercial mortgage. Although the FHA does not Do not directly provide the loan, it will guarantee the loan on your behalf to a commercial lender. The FHA home loans San Antonio ceiling on the amounts it provides based on the value of properties in your area, and buyers need specific loans for condominiums, mobiles and manufactured real estate loans.

Low down payment

While most commercial loans granted since 2008 require you to secure the loan with a large down payment of 5 to 10 percent, some FHA home loans San Antonio require as little as 3.5 percent to open the loan.

Ready for more than home Value

The cost of a home is an important purchase by anyone. s standards, but other charges, along with final and finance expenses, in addition to spare elements maintenance and strength performance, can easily transfer extra several thousand dollars on the final prices of your house.

Standards Forgive

If you have less than perfect credit, getting a commercial loan can be difficult. Most commercial lenders won & risqué; Do not provide a mortgage to you for five years after a foreclosure,

What should I qualify for an FHA home loans San Antonio?

Mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration are available to homebuyers who Reaches the criteria for this type of mortgage. Every loan has simple necessities. However FHA mortgages are flexible and shoppers can qualify with lower credit scores and past credit score errors.

Credit Score of 620

Apply for a conventional loan with a non-FHA mortgage lender and you cannot get it if your credit score is in the low-end 600. Mortgage lenders generally require credit scores of around 680 or so. This is because buyers of this type of rating are less likely to default on the mortgage loan. In addition, higher ratings indicate good credit habits. FHA home loans San Antonio are slightly different. While buyers are only allowed two late payments of 30 days within two years, they can qualify for financing with a score as low as 620 credit.

Meet Down Payment Requirement

Another feature of an FHA-guaranteed mortgage is that you only need a 5 percent down payment to qualify for the loan. This figure is well below the 20 percent required by traditional lenders. Some FHA mortgage lenders ask for 10 percent down if a borrower has a bad credit history. Meeting payment requirements is easier if selling another property. If not, you can save that expense or consider withdrawing funds from a retirement account.

Proof of employment

Despite the lower payment requirements and credit score, applying for an FHA mortgage requires a job history and a regular income. Lenders who offer FHA mortgages will review your work history to ensure that you have stayed in the workforce for 24 consecutive months. Waged a smaller time or having job breaks can postponement the purchase of a House with an FHA home loans San Antonio lender. Show W-3s, pay stubs or ask your employer to write a letter to your lender stating your time with the company and your income.

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