cat backpack

This option is extremely convenient when it comes to long journeys with animals. But, in contrast to the classic plastic devices, the place in it is somewhat less. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of different models to choose from, the best of which in our ranking were only two carriers for cats.

Folding fabric bag-tunnel “Darell”

For not very large cats, this option will be one of the most suitable. There is enough space inside to make your pet feel comfortable. Thanks to this, the animal will be able to endure trips, flights in airplanes, trips to a veterinary clinic, etc. with much less stress.

The product is made of durable nylon, which ensures uniform load distribution. Buyers do not complain about the usability of this model, because it has practical handles and one long belt included. Pets here also like it, they can watch what is happening around and get the necessary air through two calico windows.


  • Beautiful picture;
  • Spaciousness;
  • Allows your pet to breathe normally;
  • Easy;
  • It develops without any problems;
  • Can be erased in the machine;
  • High-quality thick fabric;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Not everyone likes dark, enclosed space;
  • A large animal will not be able to stand in it, it is only comfortable to lie here.

    In the reviews, the owners indicate that the Darell bag has a convenient lock and opens almost the entire length. This is very important, because inside the floor there is a seal so that the cat does not fall through. If it is necessary to wash it, you can always remove it and load the whole product into the washing machine.
  • Foldable for small animals “Zoonik”

    Externally, this bag looks like an ordinary cat backpacks, but in fact even a big cat can comfortably fit in it, because its length is 30 cm, width – 25 cm, and height – 40 cm. That is, it will even stand here without problems. It is warm enough in the cool season and good in the rain, as the product is sewn of waterproof fabrics. The pet owner will also find advantages here – a small pocket on the side, comfortable handles and a carrying strap on the shoulder.


  • Dimensions;
  • Colors;
  • Tissue density;
  • Reliability of lightning;
  • The presence of a pocket;
  • Thick and durable pens.


  • The fabric is not protected from clues if the cat starts to scratch it;
  • Inside a bit slippery.

The model from the Zoonik brand has a grid on the side, so that the cat can observe what is happening around and breathe normally. But, according to customer reviews, particularly obstinate pets can easily tear it or leave puffs, trying to get out.

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