Introduction Of Property Valuation

Property valuation is the determination of the value of the property in accordance with the goal, the valuation procedure, taking into account all the influencing factors on the property being valued. By property means possessing objects of possession or use of individuals or legal entities, that is, a set of property rights of a particular legal entity or individual. Property complex – — the result is directly dependent on the goal. Property valuation of an enterprise not only in Russia, but also in other developed countries of the world is one of the mechanisms for competent and rational management of the property of a legal entity. Anyone who has ever dealt with the issues of property sale, investment in it, was perplexed by the problem of its value. Aim – to consider the nature and types of property valuation of enterprises.

The assessment is carried out in the process of registration of various documents. Movable and immovable property is assessed. The process is based on the use of professional knowledge and accurate data that allows you to clearly determine the value of the object at the current time, taking into account the market position. There is also the notion of independent valuation, which can be conducted by private companies for a fee from the person who orders it. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that companies carrying out such an assessment must necessarily have all the necessary permits to carry out these actions. The grade in this case is documented. The resulting document has legal significance. At its core, such an assessment is an event of a complex nature, which is aimed at determining the value of the object as a well-defined product. It must be produced by a disinterested person so that aspects of adequate values ​​are formed. Such an event is necessary if there is a definite need to make sure that the price charged for the property is adequate and fair. Also, the procedure is appointed in the event that there is a need to determine the exact price of the object, taking into account its subsequent resale. There are also situations when the need for insurance is formed. In this case, there is a need to obtain accurate data on the issue of calculating the value of the property. Since on the basis of the data obtained, the calculation of the amount of the insurance premium is formed.

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Assessment of property upon entry into the inheritance is one of the important steps in the procedure for registration of the property right of the inherited property.

We will tell you about the need for an appraisal of property upon entry into the inheritance, about the types of appraisal and the mechanisms for conducting it in our article.

Provide the notary with documents on the right to inherited property (testament or proof of kinship); Evaluate inherited property and obtain the appropriate opinion for transfer to the notary; Get evidence of inheritance rights. One of the documents required for the submission to the notary is the confirmation of the price of the property. Valuation of property for inheritance is necessary not only for documenting its material component on the date of death of the testator.

Assessment of the debtor’s property:

Assessment of the property of a debtor is a necessary element of the procedure for executing an executive document on the recovery of funds. The assessment is necessary to determine the subsequent price of the transaction at which the debtor’s property will be sold.

Correct determination of the price of the object of foreclosure serves as a factor determining the outcome of the entire enforcement proceedings. The timing of the sale of the seized property, and often the possibility of selling the property (and, therefore, meeting the requirements of the recovered) depends on how well its results correspond to the prevailing prices.

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