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Lionel Suffer is in charge of the online loan insurance web strategy . If you are used to this blog and social networks, you’ve probably heard about it. How? Thanks to Blog Storming , a concept that has allowed this brand to become known and develop its reputation. The bet was not won in advance: make a topic popular, the insurance of real estate loan, which is neither captivating nor general public.

What you do not necessarily know Top SEO Houston is that Online Loan Insurance does not have a single blog, but two! While in France some entrepreneurs are still timorous at the idea of ​​developing a blog (mastodons like Disneyland Paris have even abandoned theirs), Lionel Suffer, he is not cold, his bold strategy has to elsewhere quickly paid off.

Why two blogs?

What is the difference between both ? Is there a more profitable blog than the other? Is this strategy effective? I ( Denis Gentile ) am the editor of the first blog and Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel asked me to ask these questions to this visionary project manager.

The two blogs correspond to two strategies (SMO and Top SEO Houston) and completely different editorial lines. The first blog aims at an audience coming from the social networks, the second is a flow of news in the field of real estate. It is much more technical and targets an audience coming from Google Search. Clearly, one is the heart, the other the brain of the site.

With good results but on different criteria.

The blog on the news is outsourced to Madagascar, while the blog itself is entrusted to a web editor in France, so it costs more. Which one is the most profitable? In between which strategy would you recommend? It’s hard to talk about profitability on a blog. A blog, like a presence on social networks, aims to build a brand image, and possibly help SEO. It does not yield anything directly, but it is nevertheless an essential element of a necessary presence on the internet. Your blog was certainly the key to a quick start to the site that was awarded a page rank 3 after the first Blog Storming and after a month while the actions of Top SEO Houston were still reduced. If you had to confront the two blogs, I would say that for the first 6 months, your Denis blog was the most effective and the most profitable. Beyond that, I think the data is reversing and the news flow has taken over. Clearly, initially, the first blog allowed to “rake broad”, then the news blog, much more technical, was more effective to assert the site as an expert in his field.

They are complementary. Who takes care of this other blog?

It is a company of 80 people who work in Madagascar in the field of Top SEO Houston and Web writing. Their mission is to do thematic watch and feed it.

Lionel, you have to specify one thing and that’s the big manufacturing difference between the two blogs. On the one hand, a company that 80 people could publish 250 articles in one year, on the other a single blogger who published 70 articles. That’s three and a half times more content! Soft box advantage! But if we do the average, we notice that an article in the SMO blog makes an audience three times higher than the SEO blog. As you said, in terms of sharing networks and comments, there is no picture. Advantage Denis Gentile! The credit goes especially to Blog Storming, do you remember how was born this idea? It was you who introduced me to this concept during the study phase of the editorial line. I was immediately conquered. It was not easy to find topics and content for social networks for something as serious as loan insurance. You explain this with humor in this article: From Brainstorming to Blog storming, let’s take off!

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The Blog Storming has helped to publicize the site on social networks, especially by professionals and forge a modern image. At each Blog Storming sharing records have also contributed to the Top SEO Houston of the site.

During our first discussions, you asked me if I had an idea to organize debates on the blog and you gave me the example of the TV show “C’est dans l’air”. We just had to find a way to adapt it to this new medium.

The transition is all found to conclude this article. Two blogs is it a good idea to develop your web strategy? You would rather bet on what strategy: SMO or SEO? And to create the content, you find more interesting to take a company in Madagascar or a freelance in the hexagon? The debate is launched on the blog of 1min30. To your comments.

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