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From the seduction to the act itself, alcohol, inhibitions, and change behaviors. It also affects the quality of sexual intercourse and encourages risk-taking behaviors. Here’s how alcohol affects sexual relations.


  • Sex and alcohol: what effects?
  • Alcohol and male erection
  • Alcohol promotes risky sexual behavior

In small amounts, and consumed moderately, alcohol may seem to be a sexual stimulant due to its effect desinhibiteur. But in reality, it is a depressant of the central nervous system, the effects of which may become harmful when consumed in excess.

Sex and alcohol: what effects?

The consumption of alcohol affects the systems of hormonal and nervous. It reduces the production of testosterone and growth hormone, according to studies carried out on adolescents. Also, alcohol hasugmente the concentration of estrogen, which can lead to an atrophy of the testicles and impair semen quality in humans.

Drinking too much alcohol also reduces the activity of the hypothalamic neuron, responsible for the production of oxytocin. This hormone is directly involved in the mechanism of erection and orgasm male and female. If its production is reduced, are in anorgasmia (lack of orgasm) for men and women. You can check your addiction level through Rice Purity Test.

Alcohol and male erection

In regard to the erection male, a small amount of alcohol (because of the effect désinhibiteur) promotes the excitation in the first time and rapidly causes an erection intense. But when alcohol is drunk in excess, it is the opposite effect… The erection has of the evil to come, and when it is there it does not last long. To this, we must add the stress caused by this lack of erection that the risk of understanding during the upcoming reports (the same as being sober!).

Alcohol promotes risky sexual behavior

Excessive alcohol consumption also promotes high-risk sexual behavior. These include:

  • The risk of unwanted pregnancy (not wearing a condom, forgotten pills, etc.);

The risk of sexual intercourse non-consensual and/or violence. Various international research indicates that alcohol is the psychoactive substance most frequently associated with violence between people. In 2008, an epidemiological investigation “Violence Alcohol Multi-Methods (VAMM)” was intended to describe for the first time in depth in France, the association between the consumption of alcohol, and violence, acted and suffered in the general population.*

Though alcohol can help to seduce and turn up the excitement more quickly if it is consumed in a reasonable manner, the glass too many can ruin what could have been a real moment of pleasure or to lead to dramatic situations.

Note: if we repeat that alcohol, consumed in excess, can be dangerous, it is important to note that everyone does not react the same way when he/she is too alcoholic(e). There are profiles of the people for which alcohol promotes violence, others do not, and other different behaviors…

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