MORTGAGE LOAN HOUSE FOR YOU – Home Equity Loan in Texas

 We, the employees of the Central Cooperative Bank, want you to realize your dreams.

Find a new home for YOU and your family,- and we will help that it become yours! Take advantage o f our attractive offer – a mortgage Texas cash-out

“HOME FOR YOU” with a low interest rate.

The Bank does not take any fees and commissions for the consideration, provision and assimilation of the loan!

You can get a mortgage loan “HOME FOR YOU”, if:

Have good and stable incomes;

Work for an unlimited term of employment with their current employer for a minimum of six months;

Practice a free profession for at least one year.

Requirements for your income:

it is necessary to receive income to the account located in JSC Central Design Bureau;

The amount of all credit obligations of family members should not exceed 60% of the proven monthly net income of the family;

the residual monthly net income, after deducting all due monthly contributions to all credit and leasing institutions, inclusive, and a contribution for the desired loan, is reported to be at least 250 leva for an adult member of the family and 100 levs for a minor child;

Pay at least two accounts for utilities through the service “Subscription for periodic payments”

Loan parameters

The size of up to 150 000 euros (or the left equivalent)

Maturity – up to 30 years

Purpose of the loan

Buying real estate and repairing real estate;

Refinancing of mortgage loans for the purchase of housing, issued by other banks.

Credit terms

Security – fully completed and commissioned real estate

Percentage of lending – depending on the location of the property and the option of full or limited liability – up to 85% of the valuation of this property

Borrower’s participation – at least 10% of the value of the property

Percentage conditions

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Interest rate (per annum) from 3% irrespective of currency for pledge of all premises

Possibility of additional discounts on interest.

The interest rate (per annum) is from 5% regardless of the currency for the partial deposit of the dwelling premise

You can choose to use a loan with fixed interest for the first twelve installments and floating interest for the rest of the period or a loan with a floating interest rate for the entire term.

The annual percentage of expenses   in the amount of 3.11% with a loan of 100 000 BGN, a 15-year maturity with an interest rate of 3% ((VRVP) + addendum) and with legal fees included in the amount of 60 BGN, assessment fees Real estate in the amount of 120 BGN, monthly maintenance fee for the settlement account of 2.00 BGN. The total amount due is 124 844.76 BGN, the amount of monthly contributions is 690.58BGN.

See the methodology of JSC Central Design Bureau for determining RLP for mortgage loans.

You can independently calculate the amount of your monthly mortgage payment “HOUSE FOR YOU” using our calculator.

How much will credit cost you? Fees and commissions

The Bank does not charge fees for the provision and assimilation of a loan!

The fee for drawing up a legal opinion is 60 levs.

The fee for assessing the security – according to the tariff of the licensed appraiser.

 What documents do I need to submit?

Texas cash-out

Information about the necessary documents, which can be obtained in any office of the bank.

When you receive a mortgage from JSC Central Design Bureau you also receive:

Free property insurance, which is under the mortgage of real estate in ZAO AR meets

Free international debit card Maestro or Visa Electron

The possibility of obtaining a credit card Visa “CCB – Bulgaria Air” with a limit of up to 1500 BGN, with a zero interest rate for the first 6 months and no annual fee for the first year, for loans to refinance credit obligations to another bank!

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