Evaluation Of Complexes Or Enterprises

Immediately, it should be noted that the tasks, both in principle and goals, are determined by the customer himself, who decided to use this service. The works in question are carried out exclusively by specialized organizations that have a certain level of accreditation. In such companies, the entire staff is qualified professionals who know their responsibilities one hundred percent. Perform them perfectly, while having a great experience. It should not be overlooked that the specialists of such companies regularly conduct market monitoring, which results in tracking trends in the value segments, which is an important factor during the valuation of the property.

The list of objects for evaluation of complexes or enterprises:

It is impossible to specify the exact dates of this process, cost indicators and the schedule of works, because for each enterprise, company, the listed criteria are determined individually. An individual valuation methodology is applied to each individual company. It is worth underlining the fact that all information and work are carried out in confidential conditions, which are negotiated with the executor of this process.

Many people ask the question, for what purpose do enterprises use the service of independent valuation of property complexes? There is no short answer to this question, because the goals and objectives of this process are expressed in a rather long list, but one of the most important tasks of this operation is to increase the investment attractiveness of the object.

Property valuation of the enterprise provides:


  • The operation in question is not made for the same purpose, there are several of them, and all of them are achieved as a result of the valuation of the property.
  • So, the circumstances under which the evaluation process is conducted:
  • During the acquisition or sale of the complex, both completely and in parts;
  • When the process of reconstruction or modernization of the entire structure of the enterprise;
  • During the liquidation (both full and partial).
  • What is the evaluation operation for?
  • To determine the price of available securities, as well as on the shares of the company;
  • For carrying out the process of revaluation of a particular object;
  • For a complete analysis of the taxable base type;
  • to make the right investment decisions.

We should not also forget that this process is necessary for production owners in order for the decisions to be the most balanced and rational, because it depends on them how the enterprise will be managed. Also, property valuation contributes to the optimization of all activities that cover the economic sector. The optimal results of technological cycles also depend on the operation in question, more precisely. From the method and the correctness of its implementation.

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The mechanism of the operation in question is rather complicated, it requires a certain amount of training, knowledge, and qualifications from specialists who carry out property valuation. The official appraisal report includes complex calculations, for the implementation of which three methods are used: comparative, costly and profitable. It should also be noted that the choice of priorities will depend on the enterprise itself, its direction, structure, etc.

In order for the evaluation work to be performed at the highest level and ultimately give the most effective result. It is necessary that the implementing company should agree with the company that ordered the service. Only in this way, you can get the desired result. Individual wishes are also documented, coordinated with the performer. Before starting to determine the cost criteria, the executing company conducts an extensive analysis of the entire enterprise, it is mandatory to fix the funds that are in place at the enterprise (usually by means of a photo fixation).

His first stage of the analysis includes the operations of a settlement type, which will concern the assessment of the state of the whole business, and the actual one. This is necessary in order to specifically determine the price of assets, as well as correctly and accurately create a forecast of the results of the work of the enterprise, which in this case will be evaluated.

After the complex calculations are made, the customer will officially receive a report in which a full-fledged property assessment of the organization will be made. Such a document must necessarily be made in several copies. The report submitted to the customer will contain the results of market analysis, as well as adequate taxes. Do not forget that a separate document is the calculation of the depreciation of the funds of the main type, and also indicates the costs that the company will need to improve the above indicators.

Valuation of enterprise property in the process of arbitration Today, in order to be in demand among consumers, the appraiser simply has to be a highly qualified, focused specialist who has an excellent database of informants, who are also reliable and proven, also a high level of knowledge and wide experience. The presence of the above set of characteristics can make the appraiser truly competitive today in the market, where a sufficiently large choice for the customer is provided, especially since the valuation of the assets of the enterprise is a common service.

In addition, the company-appraiser should have in the database a number of non-standard methods of conducting the operation in question, because some customers are non-standard organizations, to which it will be necessary to apply an individual and even an extraordinary approach.


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