.Among all home massagers, the massage chair occupies a place of choice in the heart of the French. This is indeed one of the most popular electronic massage devices sold in France in 2018. The reason for this sucks is simple is simply for the extreme simplicity of use that we appreciate this kind of product: Just sit on his chair and watch a good movie / soap opera on TV while being massaged.

Whether for the pleasure of the user or for his health with for example shiatsu massages whose virtues are recognized throughout the world, the massage seats are showing more and more resources to offer us the best level of comfort. Whatever massage technology you are looking for, you will find what you need on this site … If you still do not know what kind of massage seat you want, I recommend you to go check my buying guide.

I propose you to discover together the selection of massage chairs that I created for you. I will gather on this page several tops, first the top 10 massage seats and a little lower my top massage chairs below 500 $, finally I propose a top of the best massage mattresses to install by above a seat.

The best entry-level massage chair

One of the most affordable options if you want a massage chair is the VidaXL 8718475531623. Featuring the latest technologies of automatic massage and available at a very interesting price, this is the Deep Tissue Massage Chairs that I recommend if your budget is limited. If you are looking for a cheaper chair I advise you to immediately go to my section “armchairs less than 500 $” a little lower.

This chair allows you to relax in a few minutes after a hard day’s work or after a particularly intensive training. Thanks to its remote control it is very easy to tilt the seat or start a massage program without having to get up. The entire seat is padded to provide optimum comfort for the user and the many massage areas allow you to enjoy complete relaxation once installed.

This chair allows you to massage the back, feet, legs, and cervical. Air cushions make it possible to massage by pressure the legs, the feet, the seat the kidneys and the cervical ones. The massage is soft and very pleasant, moreover one can tilt the chair in a comfortable position in which the pressure on the spinal column is minimized.

The imitation leather used will be damaged faster than classic leather but at that price, we cannot expect high-end materials. It is also a pity that the programs are limited on this armchair with the only option being the choice of areas to be massaged. It will launch the massage of the desired area with the telecomm and when you want.

Global Relax France Karma:

A 5-year guarantee for a quality seat We now go to the second chair of my selection, the global relax Karma. This is an affordable massage chair that I enjoyed testing. Its neat design and 11 massage programs make it a perfect chair for watching TV in the evening.

What makes the strength of this chair is the variety of massage proposed and its neat design that will adapt to any living room. Regarding the massage programs, I propose to go around quickly

3 Customizable Programs: You can create your own massage program by choosing the body parts to massage and the massage time. It is thus possible to record 3 different, it is very convenient if you are several to use the chair at home.

5 automatic massage programs: These pre-recorded massages allow you to completely relax and not to touch the remote control. Once the program launched, the zones and the intensity of the massage will be adjusted and evolve by themselves to offer you a very pleasant complete massage.

3 manual massage programs: In this mode of massage one can choose between the complete massage which uses all the massage zones of the chair, the partial massage and the fixed points.

The intuitive remote control adjusts the chair to the mode you want and also adjusts the tilt to put you in a more comfortable position to enjoy your massage. I regret, however, the impossibility of massaging the neck and the remote control cable a little too short for my taste.

Finale Finn Spa Relaxio Sevion:

Comfort at your fingertips Easy to use, comfortable and enjoying many massage programs, I present the Finnlo Finn spa Relaxio Sevion, a massage chair available at a reasonable price capable of providing you with a professional quality massage at home. This chair is one of the first I tested and one of the best value for money today. I recommend it to anyone who wants a simple and comfortable chair.

The remote control of this chair has a small screen that allows to control the seat easily. It includes all the programs available on the chair, seat tilt and customization options to enjoy a truly adapted massage.

The design of the seat is quite classic but it will integrate well with your living room. Finnlo carries out extensive tests on its seats to guarantee a certain level of quality and safety. I must admit that I have rarely heard of a Finnish seat that would have had technical problems.

The big plus of this chair? These are without the various massages available:

Kneading: Perfect for relaxing muscle tension

Tapping: Tapping that eliminates muscle tension

Pressing: Reproduces medical massages with thumbs and pressure on strategic points

Knocking: Reproduces medical massages with palms to relax muscles intermittently

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