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How to put a velux? What are the steps of installing velux on the roof? Do you want to install your own velux economical window blinds or use a roof window installer? What is the price of a velux? Here is the method of professionals to put your velux.

How to put a velux?

Before considering the installation of a roof economical window blinds, find out about the weather and favor a beautiful sun. The installation of a velux is complex, it requires a very good level of knowledge in works: frame, carpentry, sealing and the appropriate tools. If you are not a very experienced handyman, Maisonentravaux.fr strongly advises you to call a velux installer for a successful installation.

Velux installation material

  • To achieve your serenity pose velux, you will need a range of tools:
  • Measuring and tracing tools: meter, spirit level,
  • Basic tools: screwdriver, drill, saw, wool cutter, cutter, screwdriver and hammer,
  • Laying element: battens, rafters, hoof,
  • For finishes: airtight membrane, rain cover and gutter.
  • Without forgetting your skylight and all the skins you will have bought in addition: curtains, motorized blind or not.

Before laying your velux: to open

For safety and comfort reasons, roof window installers recommend installing the bottom of your window at least 1.10 meters above the ground to prevent defenestration. As for the top of the window, it is advisable to put it between 1.85 and 2.20 meters from the ground to facilitate its opening.

Finally, it will be necessary to examine your frame, more precisely the gap between the rafters:

If the gap of the rafters of the frame is large enough to accommodate your economical window blinds, you will begin the installation of velux,

If the gap of the rafters is insufficient it will be necessary to create a trimmer to suit suitably your velux.

Above all, you should make a small square cut where you want to put your velux and examine the structure of your frame: position and gap rafters. This step aims to limit as much as possible the cuts for the installation of your velux. When you have defined the location of your window, make the opening according to the dimensions of your velux economical window blinds.

To completely clear the opening, you must:

  • Remove the tiles,
  • Cut the screen under the roof,
  • Cut the rafters.
  • Install a velux: the steps
  • Once the opening has been made on the roof, the next steps are to put the velux on the trimmer .
  • The installation of velux in the opening

Before laying your window, consolidate the entire opening with the installation of two battens: at the top and bottom of the roof window. This frame is called cheetre, it is at this location that will set your velux.

Separate the opening from the roof window and the frame for easy handling and installation. On the frame, fix the brackets on the 4 sides,

Lay the frame in the opening you made. The brackets of the frame must rest on the upper and lower battens that you have laid beforehand,

Fix the brackets to the battens while making sure that the frame is level and that the two diagonals of the frame are equal,

The frame is correctly installed? Put the opening (window) of the economical window blinds back to its frame while checking the parallelism. If the parallelism is not proven, adjust your brackets using the corners provided by the manufacturer.

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