How to Organize a Billiard Tournament – Pool Table and Accessories  

Illiard tournaments are a great way to get a little more business if you own a bar. Organize it for a slow night and you could increase your bar recipes dramatically. Of course, you do not have to own a bar to organize a billiard tables tournament. All you need is access to a pool table, volunteer participants and, most importantly, clarifying the rules before you start playing.

Find a place. If you already have a bar with a pool table, the problem is solved. If not, talk to your local billiard room. It is likely that they will welcome the additional activity.

Several weeks in advance, place posters around the chosen location to announce the fact that you are organizing a billiard tournament. Try to organize it for a night of a week. People are less likely to have made plans during the week.

Decide on the amount of the entrance fee and the time you want the night to begin. The registration fee will determine the amount of a prize pot you can offer. Do not start the night too late. billiard tables  are used to hanging out, especially if a lot of people show up.

Design a game schedule based on your best estimate of the number of people likely to show up. This can always be changed at night. The standard approach is to pair players who then run to reach a number of games against their opponent in order to progress to the next turn. A three-game race is a good scorer if you are waiting between 10 and 16 people.

Note who paid his entrance fee the same evening. This will save all the arguments later. It may be worth investing in a stamp if you are organizing the tournament in a billiard tables , as there will be many other players.

Clarify the rules you play with the players before the tournament begins. Make sure all players respect the rules from the beginning.

Decide what prices you will give to the winners. It depends entirely on the number of people who show up and the registration fees. A good scorer is to give the top 25 percent of players’ prize money. Thus, if eight players are present, the winners of the 1st and 2nd place receive prizes. If 12 players present themselves, the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place receive a prize, and so o

A small billiard tables you tempted? To be able to play billiards properly, one must start by learning to organize the ball rack in a proper way. In addition, taking the initiative to organize the balls will allow you to feel more confident from the beginning of the game. Although this is relatively simple, you still need to know a few tips. Read on for more information on how to organize the package at the beginning of a pool game.

he pool table is a difficult element to choose from if you want to get started in this sport. There are all the brands and all the qualities. Here are some tips that will help you recognize a good quality billiard tables and not be fooled..

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