Introduction Of Property Valuation

Property valuation is the determination of the value of the property in accordance with the goal, the valuation procedure, taking into account all the influencing factors on the property being valued. By property means possessing objects of possession or use of individuals or legal entities, that is, a set of property rights of a particular […]

Evaluation Of Complexes Or Enterprises

Immediately, it should be noted that the tasks, both in principle and goals, are determined by the customer himself, who decided to use this service. The works in question are carried out exclusively by specialized organizations that have a certain level of accreditation. In such companies, the entire staff is qualified professionals who know their […]

Conditions Of Free Sale Of Property

From the above it follows that in conditions of free sale of property on the open market (that is, not at regulated prices), the price at which this property is sold and bought will always be market. Other prices in such conditions simply cannot be. In other words, the phrase “market price” contains a tautology. […]

Features Of Valuation Of Property 

  When deciding whether to revalue or initially assess the property of an enterprise, the owner must take into account that depreciation charges will form the investment opportunities of the company. However, given the constant shortage of cash or other means of payment, some owners use depreciation to replenish working capital, which partly solves the problem […]


EVALUATION In the present conditions, evaluation is very relevant and necessary for any operation with property. The valuation is carried out for the conclusion of transactions for purchase and sale, obtaining loans (including mortgage loans and against mortgaged property), for leasing, privatization, transfer of property (donative, inheritance), property disputes, etc. Our company performs an independent […]

Learn music and much more

One might think that musical learning is only limited to music. It is not so, it is much more than that. And if learning music made us smarter? Perhaps, at least, this is what several serious studies tend to show. Learning music theory and playing a musical instrument can develop many aspects of our personality, […]