Intensive Psychotherapy Stays

Allow everyone to solve specific psychological, personal or relational difficulties. The accompaniment is individualized. Any type of problem (not in psychiatry) can be treated.

intensive couples therapy Psychotherapy stays take place at TEMPERANCE (Combre – 63250 CHABRELOCHE, between Clermont-Ferrand and St-Etienne, in Puy-de-Dôme). They are also for couples, families and teenagers (school difficulties, bad life …)

Allow everyone to solve specific psychological, personal or relational difficulties. The accompaniment is individualized. Any type of problem (not in psychiatry) can be treated, for example:

Acquire “resources” that are lacking: insurance, self-confidence …

Free yourself from limiting beliefs: “I am incapable, no-one …”, “I will never succeed”, “I do not deserve .., etc. “.

Learn to set goals and motivate yourself.

Have a positive self-image: accept yourself as “you are and love yourself .

Free yourself from unpleasant feelings and emotions: anger, resentment, guilt …

To free oneself from a depressive tendency: to find again the joy and the desire to live.

To free oneself from a difficult past: traumatisms, sexual abuse, physical violence …

To learn to forgive others or to self: to be reconciled.

Improve the quality of communication:intensive couples therapy better communicate with loved ones (spouse, children …), establish constructive relationships and manage conflicts.

Manage bereavement or separation (current or past).

Promote development and healing (as a complement to medical treatment).

Deepen his inner quest: developing his potential to realize his “personal legend”.

This list is not exhaustive, any problem has a solution. Just want to change and know “how” (we can help you find the “how”).

Therapeutic approaches

The therapeutic approaches used are NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Ericksonian Hypnosis as well as the Essential Transformation method **.

NB: For the problems of dependencies (alcohol, tobacco, food …), ask for the specific documentation on the seminars or individual stay “To finish with your addiction intensive couples therapy


Duration  : 3 days preferably to do a deep work (to be defined according to the problems and objectives of each). Make contact with your request and set dates.http:

Opening hours  : from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h. Points of reflection and “tasks” will be given for the next day to promote therapeutic work.

Price  : € 797 for 3 days or € 270 per day. It is possible to prepare meals on site (small kitchen available), otherwise there are restaurants in CHABRELOCHE (2km). Extra night: 20 € .

Location  : The stay organized by THE TEMPERANCE takes place at the “7 Summits”, stone building, located on the “Way of Compostela” (GR3) in a pleasant setting overlooking the Forez Mountains, at the top of a hill. .. The rooms are comfortable (en-suite bathrooms). A library with many books (personal development, health, etc.) is at your disposal.

NB: TEMPERANCE does not claim any particular spiritual or religious movement and respects the beliefs of everyone. Our only credo is that everyone is on earth to improve their lives, so they are helped to take charge of their lives, with more freedom.


: If you want to come with relatives (spouse intensive couples therapy it is possible. Price of accommodation (overnight + breakfast): 20 € / person (possibility of cooking on site). The area is very beautiful: sources, rocks, lake, old villages, Romanesque churches … Thiers: the capital of the cutlery is 15km; also, Auvergne Volcanoes, Puy-de-Dôme, etc.

You can also come to the “7 Sommets” gîte  : we will welcome you there, make contact!

Assessment and follow-up

Days will be proposed to take stock of the objectives you have worked on. Depending on your experience after the stay, new needs or objectives, the modalities of a follow-up will be put in place.

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