Health: Increasing The Size Of His Penis With Olive Oil Is Dangerous By Terrafemina

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Olive oil to enlarge his penis: a very bad idea!

In Thailand, the injection of oil, wax or silicone into the penis, in order to enlarge it, is quite widespread. This craft technique is not without consequences.

A 50 – year – old Thai man who had been injected with olive oil into the penis , hoping to increase its size , had to undergo ablation of the genitals in a hospital in Bangkok.

The patient, who had undergone several injections of olive Peins growth oil five years ago, was forced to consult three weeks ago, victim of a large infection. During the surgery a cancer would have been discovered.

This dangerous practice of injecting olive oil , beeswax or silicone in the penis seems relatively widespread in Thailand. This “only gives bad results,” however assured the head of the hospital, calling into question ignorance and bad influences as the first drivers of this practice.

About 30 to 40 patients a month visit this hospital after such injections, and two or three need to be treated weekly. The youngest was 18, the oldest 50 or 52 years old.

While we know very well that it’s not the size that counts .

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