The Essay – How To Make A Good Introduction?

The first impression must be good! Put all the chances on your side to obtain from the start the adhesion of your reader. A good introduction with a well built plan is already average!

Typical plan of the essay introduction:

The introduction begins with a paragraph and has four subparts. Each subpart must go to the line, so there are four paragraphs. It is a quarter of a page.

1-       Bring the subject.  We make a literary beginning to be able to quote the subject of the Essay naturally and to analyze it in a second time.

2-       The wording of the essay writing help is quoted,  “Thus, such author states in his essay that …”. We explain the subject, its implications, its stakes. The terms and keywords of the subject are explained to make sure they are understood.

3-       Then, we propose a problematic , “this leads us to question ourselves in these terms”. There is a problem, a paradox, a question that goes against the  doxa , that is to say the common opinion.

4-       Finally, we announce his plan.  “Before answering this question we will see first, … (I); then, … (II); finally, … (III). ”

Example of the subject: “The manifestations of the topos of the amorous encounter in literature”


1- The literature is most often built in reaction with the above. Every work assumes a literary character as long as it stands out from the literary heritage while perpetuating it. If the literary topos are eternal and go through the history of literature essay writing help  they are none the less each time renewed.

2-  It is the same for the topos of the love encounter in French literature. Founder of the literary genre of the novel, he continues to evolve and redefine himself. A topos is a literary cliché, a motif, an agreed canvas, a theme that can be found in literature in general. Thus we speak of the topos of the flight of time, love, war, etc.

3- This reflection leads us to question ourselves in these terms  : how is the topos of the love encounter renewed cv writing services To what extent is this phenomenon closely related to the evolution of the genre of the novel itself?

4- Before answering this question we will first study the different manifestations of the literary topos of the amorous encounter (I); then, we will see that this topos oscillates between continuity and renewal (II); finally, we will observe that it evolves between renewal and rupture with what precedes (III).

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