How To Book You Can Book A Hertz Vehicle

very quickly. Go to the home  page , choose your agency and your dates. You will only have to follow the steps indicated to finalize the reservation. You can also contact our Reservation Center at (0033) 0141919525 .

Rental conditions

Before renting a Hertz vehicle, you will need cheap rent a car to familiarize yourself with our rental conditions:

Driver’s license

You must hold a valid driving license issued for at least 1 year and an international driving license if necessary. If you are missing points or your license is not valid, please contact us at (0033) 0141919525 before booking, you may not qualify to rent our vehicles.

Minimum age required

You must be at least 19 years old to rent a Hertz  The minimum age required varies by vehicle and agency. In general, a young driver surcharge is charged for drivers between the ages of 21 and 25.

Please see ” Minimum Age Requirements ” for more information.

Driving abroad

If you wish to travel abroad with the rental vehicle, you must inform us in advance, restrictions may apply. If your itinerary is approved, we will provide you with the proper documentation and a breakdown service. Additional charges may apply for this service.


A mileage is included in the price of the cheap car rental, additional fees may be charged if exceeded. Delivery and pick-up are included in the package. Inquire to teach the agency how to take charge of the vehicle.

Please see the ” Restrictions and Requirements ” section for more information.

Insurance and optional guarantees

We offer a range of insurance and guarantees designed to cover you, subject to compliance with rental terms and conditions. Third party insurance is included in the base rate. You can reduce your financial responsibility by subscribing to the optional guarantees offered at the counter.

Third party insurance included in the rate

All our rates include third party insurance . It is a legal obligation that protects the main driver and any additional driver in the event of claims made by a third party following an accident resulting in death, personal injury or property damage.

Partial Collision Franchise Suppression (CDW) – Optional Service

The CDW limits your financial liability to a deductible for damage to the vehicle (except in case of theft, attempted theft or vandalism). If you do not subscribe to the CDW, the amount of the total value of the vehicle may be charged for damage. The franchise will be eliminated if you subscribe to the Super Cover


The Partial Fractional Vandalism (TP) Franchise – Optional Service

The TP limits your financial responsibility in case of theft or damage to the vehicle following an attempted theft or vandalism. The franchise will be eliminated if you subscribe to the Super Cover.

Super Cover – Optional Warranty

The Super Cover eliminates the deductible of the CDW and TP guarantees. The Super Cover provides you with comprehensive coverage for damage to the vehicle following an accident, theft, attempted theft or vandalism.

Supplementary Insurance – Optional Guarantee

Supplementary insurance covers the driver and passengers in the event of death, bodily injury and medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident. It also covers them in case of loss or damage to their personal effects that are in the vehicle.

Fuel Options

The vehicle will be made available with a ful tank of fuel. We offer several options to adjust the fuel used during the rental:

Pre-load a full tank of fuel

Pay for fuel in advance (unused fuel will not be refunded). This is generally known as the Fuel Purchase Option (FPO).

Return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel

Refuel before returning the vehicle, no surcharge will be charged provided the gas station is within a radius of 16 km from the agency.

Hertz refuels the vehicle

If you do not have time to go to the gas station and do not subscribe to the Fuel Purchase Option (FPO), Hertz will fill the tank. Added fuel plus a service charge will be charged.

Please see the Fuel Policy for more information.

Optional services

We offer a range of optional services that can be booked online or requested from the agency, subject to availability:

Additional drvers

Additional drivers may be added to the rental agreement. All drivers must be present at the pick-up point, hold a valid driving license and have an ID. An additional fee will be charged for each additional driver to cover insurance cost


Car Seats

Safety seats for babies and children can be added to the rental. They can be booked in advance online and settled at the agency.

NeverLost GPS

The NeverLost is a portable satellite navigation system (GPS). It offers a wide geographical coverage to plan your route in 45 countries, in the language of your choice.


With our Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, you can easily connect your laptop, tablet, smartphone or game console on the go. Surf, download or play without worrying about the bill: no roaming charges and data transfer is unlimited (subject to reasonable use).

Please see the ” Products and Services ” section for more information.

Payment option

We offer the following payment methods when you book your vehicle online.


Prepay online to enjoy our best rates. The normal cost of the rental and any additional charges will be charged. Optional services selected at the time of booking will be charged to the agency in local currency

Payment to the agency

If you prefer to pay at the agency, the rental fee, including applicable surcharges and optional services selected at the time of booking will be charged at the counter in local currency.

Means of payment

Hertz accepts most major credit cards and debit cards (under certain condition), Hertz Credit Card (HCC) and OTTO vouchers. The cards must be in the name of the driver. Please see the ” Means of payment “section for more information.


When taking care of the vehicle, a deposit will be retained on your card. The amount of this deposit will be calculated based on the cost of the rental, a full fuel and optional services chosen. The deposit must be paid with the credit card in the name of the main driver.

Please see the ” Products and Services ” section for more information.

Reservation confirmation

After booking, you will receive a confirmation number and a confirmation email from Hertz at the address provided.



We advise you to check the details of your confirmation and to consult the ” Documents to present ” section.

Amendments, cancellations and no-shows


You have up to 7 days to cancel your reservation online . You can also contact our reservations department at (0033) 01 41 919 525 . (additional fees will be charged).


You can change your booking online up to 48 hours before pick-up. You can also contact our reservations department at (0033) 01 41 919 525 . (additional fees will be charged).


If you do not pick up the vehicle and the booking has not been canceled, Hertz reserves the right to charge you a no-show fee. Please see our ” No Show ” policy for more information.

For further information regarding the cancellation policy, please see the section ” Changes, Cancellations and No-Shows

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