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 Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean has three distinct game phases: World Map, Cities, Dungeons or Special Places, and the Battle Screen.

The movements on the world map allow the player to circulate between the different places of the adventure, without meeting monsters ocean of games When on foot, the player leads the leader of the team, represented with a size disproportionate to the other elements. Other means of transportation include flying creatures, such as the Mindeer or the White Dragon, which are available after certain scenario developments and allow travel between islands.

From the map, the player can access the different places of the game: it then enters a much more detailed environment where the characters are this time represented on a realistic scale. This gameplay “inside view” is the one on which the player spends most of his time, almost all the dialogues and progress of the scenario take place there ocean of games He can meet enemies when he moves in this type of setting, but never inside cities. The enemies are visible and can be avoided.

The level increase and the save can only be done at specific places of the game, by entering flowers: the red ones just save, while the blue ones also allow to increase level by teleporting to the Temple M 2 . In addition to the main level, the characters have a class level, which can be increased by using specific items and allows you to have more cards in your deck and play more at each attack phase.

Finally, the six go to Alfard, where they intend to stop Geldoblame. The five Ultimate Magnus are released, turn him into a monster, and get imprisoned by his former soldiers while Melodia takes control of the Empire. Kalas, who absorbs the power of the five ultimate Magnus, falls under the control of Malpercio, and sees a second wing of the heart grow. The other members are captured and imprisoned, but Xelha manages to escape and releases them.

Xelha and the rest of the group then confront Kalas with the aim of restoring his old form. The latter is freed from the influence of Melodia and helps his companions to escape. Malpercio and Melodia take refuge in Cor Hydræ ocean of games, an ancient fortress hidden in another dimension, against which the five nations gathered prepare for a simultaneous attack. This allows a diversion, allowing Kalas and his companions to infiltrate the fortress for the final battle against Malpercio.

Then, everywhere in the world the Ocean pours in the form of rain. Suddenly, all the Wings of the inhabitants disappear.

Kalas, the band, and other characters from the game meet at Mira to send the Guardian Angel home. During the goodbyes, that his voice is heard in this pendant. Kalas puts it in his ear, and Xelha appears in a flash of water ocean of games

The group fights through Cor Hydræ before reaching Malpercio and Melodia in the throne room. The latter is defeated, gta iv ocean of games  but Melodia melts into Malpercio’s body, creating an even more evil entity, which flees at the top of Cor Hydræ. The group pursues them and begins the ultimate battle. Malpercio is defeated, and Kalas frees Melodia from the grip of the latter. Kalas, Melodia and the Guardian Angel then succeed in expelling Malpercio’s spirit from his body.

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